Brockway Carpets


With an array of colours, textures and styles, choosing a wool carpet from the Brockway collection can be a home furnishing task you look forward to with pleasure.

Browse the Brockway collection of beautiful, plain, twist carpets in an array of bright and neutral colours or if you’re looking to add inviting texture, the loop pile carpets which come in a variety of styles and finishes.

All carpets produced by Brockway are natural wool, created to the highest standard. Whatever you choose, Brockway gorgeous wool carpets will make your home feel warmer, quieter and more comfortable.

Because Brockway manufacture in their very own factory, they have much more control and influence over the choice of raw materials and designs that make a Brockway carpet. Brockway have an eye for quality.  They take an immerse pride in the creation of a Brockway Carpet to create the perfect finish. All carpets are hand finished to make sure they reach the high standard of quality required.