Crucial Trading



Enhance your home with with Crucial Trading materials, patterns, textures and colours to choose from.

SEAGRASS – one of the first ranges and is harder than other fibres making weave patterns more distinctive. The fibre also has inherent reflective qualities which make the room look more spacious.

Coir – derives from the coconut and is a distinctly course textile, which will complement softer interior furnishings. It has outstanding durability and is suitable for high usage areas e.g. halls and stairways.

Sisal – one of the most popular collections, which has great natural strength, this material comes in various tones, colours and weaves, from boucle to herringbone.

Wool – Only the highest grade wool is used to create distinctive patterns and finishes in pure natural colours. A choice of combinations is available, from 100% wool to wool with sisal, linen, goat’s hair or jute.

Jute – the finest and softest of the range. It is silky to the touch and perfect where luxury and comfort are a priority.