Kahrs is a Swedish company that manufactures high quality real wood engineered floors. Each log of wood is measured, evaluated for quality and then sawn using a computer-controlled saw to make optimal use of the high grade wood. Almost all Kahrs wood floors have the Woodloc joint which are virtually invisible.

The Classic Selection is a range that has wide floorboards with beveled edges, which replicates the patina of old floors.

Ranges –

Kahrs ID

Kahrs Supreme

Kahrs original

Kahrs Spirit

Kahrs Avanti

Kahrs Linnea

Kahrs Activity floor

Kahrs Master

Kahrs can be used to create both traditional and modern looks and is available in one, two or three strip variations. As well as being a visually impressive floor and complementing your home, Kahrs is highly durable and resistant to every day wear and tear.