V4 Woodflooring

V4 are a leading brand of hardwood flooring within the UK. V4 Woodflooring provides a guarantee to expert suppliers and fitters that V4 Wood flooring is designed to give out 35 years of ordinary domestic use.

V4 offer several varieties of products, with different prices and performance characteristics suitable for all site conditions


Alpine Solid Collection

Alpine Engineered Planks

Alpine Engineered Wide Planks

Alpine Hand Scraped Planks

Alpine Three Strips

Eiger Collection

Eiger Petit Collection

Eiger Grande

Eiger Pheonix Collection


Subfloor preparation is essential to any floorcovering. Our company is recognised for the efficiency and quality of our flooring solutions as well as the subfloor preparation that is essential for every floor installation. Inadequate or improper preparation can cause premature failure of the flooring and unexpected additional expenses.

Parc Flooring offers subfloor preparation services that include:

  • Damp Proof Membrane
  • Plyboarding
  • Smoothing Compound
  • Self-levelling Underlayment
  • Moisture testing & the applications of surface damp-proof membranes