Smart grass provides a beautiful maintenance free lawn 365 days of the year.  Smart grass is child and pet friendly and does not require mowing, feeding or watering. So it provides the look and feel of natural grass just without the hard work! It is also very hard wearing; it has a high UV resistance and is water resistance, so there’s no need to worry about the weather damaging it.

There are 12 ranges of artificial grass, they are very hard wearing to natural looking or show garden style to Rushcliffe and Meadows – High Density Super Soft grasses with a Pile Heights of 38mm.

Smart grass is very diverse, so can be used in all sorts of environments. For example in shop displays, for theatre or film/TV productions, in schools and playgrounds (as it provides a clean usable area all year round) in retail parks and car parks, for red carpet events, pubs, hotels, restaurants and sport venues. Many sports including football and rugby benefit from training on artificial surfaces, so it comes as no surprise that artificial grass was used at the London Games.  Smart grass is very popular in schools at the moment as it can maximise outdoor play due to its hard wearing mess free qualities. Regardless of the weather, children can play out without getting muddy shoes or uniforms.  Artificial grass can be laid on sloping ground, is environmentally friendly as you won’t be needing weed killers/fertilisers/pesticides or a petrol/electric lawn mower.